Writing Contest Winners

Here are the winning entries from the eighth grade writing contest.

The Mink Coat
By Destiny Croft

When I opened by old wardrobe I was greeted by a puff of dust. The smell of mothballs was so strong; it almost tasted like the chemicals from an air conditioner. I coughed, and rummaged around. Tossing aside old trousers and dresses, I finally found what I was seeking. An ancient mink coat-its fur collar was still sleek and soft. The coat itself still the same old chestnut brown, as it had been the last time I’d opened my wardrobe in 1896. I draped the coat around me, hearing the faint “whoosh” as I swung it around my shoulders. I could feel my skin tingle, heard my old bones creak as straightened from the stoop caused by the weight of time. My wrinkles disappeared; my face tightened, and the gray hairs on my head receded to reveal my normal hair color. It was now 2007, but now I didn’t look a day older since my 18th birthday in 1783.

My Many Colors
By: Sydney Christopher

When I feel lonely I am Yellow Rose.
Like sitting in a park where no one goes.
When I feel shy I am Pucker Up Green.
Like meeting a new guy out on the street.
When I feel contemplative I am Serene Sky.
Like thinking, hoping, whishing, and wondering why?
When I feel crazy I am Slicker Yellow.
Everyone in town can hear me bellow!
When I feel sad I am Zorba Brown
As I go down, my companion- a frown.
When I feel angry I am Drum Beat Red.
No one can convince me, myself, and I in my stubborn head!
I have many colors,
As all of you can see.
But then again without them,
I just wouldn’t be me.

Last Beach Trip of The Summer
By Julie D’Eath

A long day at the beach,
Wave upon wave crashing,
My mom – by best friend,
We dive under waves together,
Not wanting the day to end,
Looking in the sand for sand crabs,
Watching the birds fly overhead,
It’s getting hot, time to get back in,
We run through the water,
We jump through the waves,
The sun beating down on our faces,
Seaweed rapped around our legs,
It’s getting late,
Time to get out,
We carry our things,
Walking through the hot sand,
Wishing we didn’t have to go,
We’ll be back next summer,
But that’s too long to wait.

By Hannah Mayorga

When I’m sad I feel phantom blue
Confused, mad wondering what to do
Hoping for happiness
As that is what I miss
Not knowing what to do
Trying to start brand new
Try to understand
All I need Is a hand
As yourself
Have I ever felt this way
So confusing
You don’t know what to say
Having this fear
Can’t I just steer
To avoid my pain
I try another lane
I found the way
I’m so happy to say
I did it on my own
But, know I’m not alone